Photograph of Julian Wachholz

Julian Wachholz

I am a Python and Elixir developer with a passion for performant and clean code. I enjoy writing succinct documentation and using TDD. Sometimes I experiment with new technology to learn new skills for fun.

I'm in my mid twenties and live in the beautiful canton of Zürich, Switzerland.

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Work & skills

  1. Polynorm with Python 3, React and MongoDB
  2. CookEat powered by Django on Python 3
  3. Netagenda ported from .NET to Django
  4. Gonnado with Django on Python 3
  5. Unic using PHP and TYPO3

My projects

  1. Sign up for surprise packages for yourself or friends at! (2017)
  2. Play a game of Trivia online against other people at and check out its source code. (2015)
  3. Gamble at Liar's Dice on IRC with this bot (2012)
  4. Solve battleship puzzles with my JavaScript implementation of Bimaru (2011)
  5. Animated clock in the Swiss Railway style using only CSS. (2011)